Sunday, September 4, 2016

My doll nr 43

(Immediately) After buying my lovely black articulated doll with two-toned curly hair <3 <3 I have purchased these two dolls tagged as damaged ones - for parts, ooak etc...
One had a lovely skin tone and Lara /Ana mold which I knew i desire but the is never showing up in secondhands (as it is used a lot in collectible adult oriented lines) - they were 0,99 purchase  anyway so I though I can deal with 'the bonde one' and those shiny dresses /purple shoes, thanks!/ LOL... little did I know...

ebay pics

...and now to "the other blonde doll" from a bargain lot... super fuzzy hair and loose joints <3
 very unusual eye design and emerald pupils, deep burgundy lips (with some paint missing tho) 
- what a lovely poor dolly to rescue!
rather characteristic 'new' kind of body and mint green nails
 this is more less what I googled - it obviously wasn't that difficult to solve the 'mistery'...
- rather one of a kind for Mattel, all over unusual Barbie doll - tasteful, chic, with lots of style and 
not pink and shiny at all!

Hollywood Nails Barbie 1999
or 2000 as she is said to be the first doll of XXI cent

here how she looked boxed 

and deboxed by lovely Lunarh:

 amazing colours - will need to make mine something similar... 

This Barbie has not less beautiful friends - Christie in curry/mustard shades and Teresa in pinks and burgundies... tbh -by the time I am describing her I got them all (mostly nude tho).



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p.s. she already has her garden paradise session ready, waiting to be published... ;-)


  1. Some pretty good thrifty finds for just $.99 ea! On the one with the Lara facemold, it looks like she has what they call "green ear" but it is on her face. I have never seen green ear on any of the dolls newer than the 1970's, so it is hard to say. Are you going to try and salvage her?

  2. Lara is beautiful again and her story will be published soon:-)

  3. choć niekoniecznie w moim guście - ale dla takich
    oczu chciałam Ją upolować swego czasu z allegro :)